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Hi, we're Jonas & Merlijn

We're two guys from Belgium with too much energy and a love for matcha. Everything started in the cursed year 2020, when matcha synchronously became our daily healthy routine that helped us getting through different lockdowns.

Our aim is to challenge people on their daily routines. We want you to live a more focused and healthier life thanks to the benefits of this ancient superfood. Are you ready to join our matcha revolution?

What we find important

💚 Go green or go home 💚

All our products are 100% organic and we offset any CO2 emissions.


🍃 Single-origin matcha 🍃

We only work with matcha types of the highest possible quality. This means we stick to single-origin, Japanese matcha.

🇧🇪 Made in Belgium 🇧🇪

We make all our matcha-based products ourselves, in our local workplace just outside of Ghent, or with our local partners from Belgium.

♻️ Recycling matters ♻️

We don't want to contribute to the plastic soup in our oceans and do everything we can to limit our use of non-recyclable materials.