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Customer Reviews

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Anja H.
My favorite ceremonial matcha

Thank you for bringing matcha into my life :) I got my starter kit a few months ago from Matcha Boutique and begin every day with a matcha. In between I tried ceremonial grade matcha from a shop in Germany that I simply don’t enjoy - you guys make the best one and I’ll never change brands again. I love the intense flavor and the fact your matcha powder blends easy with the whisk. Thank you Matcha Boutique!

Nadine I.
What a color! Made me love Matcha <3

Great matcha, very strong green-tone, tastes splendid! :D

Vero Dermaux
I tried it for the first time and I love it💚

With a daily matcha latte I feel good and healthy!!!

Nancy Nazz
Great quality!

Delicious matcha, really fantastic quality.

Lola Borghgraef
Zeer tevreden over deze matcha!

Ik ben sinds kort gestopt met koffie te drinken en overgeschakeld naar Matcha. Deze matcha van Matcha Boutique is lekker vol van smaak, zonder dat je veel matchapoeder nodig hebt. Prijs-kwaliteit verhouding uitstekend! Dit is tot nu toe de beste matcha die ik gedronken heb.