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Say hi to your new superfood routine

Matcha is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves. Indulge your senses with your daily cup of antioxidants, concentration and pure joy.

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Upgrade your matcha game today. Experience the refreshing taste and health benefits of matcha tea delivered straight to your door every month with a personalized subscription

So matcha in one shot

Matshot combines all good things about Japanese matcha in one concentrated shot. Find your inner focus and get ready to live again.

A dream for culinary creatives

Mix matcha with your favourite ingredients for healthier lattes, pancakes, buns and more.

Knowledge, recipes and inspiration

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Matcha is an inflammatory food

5 anti-inflammatory foods to include in your diet

Anti-inflammatory foods are foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants. As a result, they have a high nutritional value and positive impact on the immune system, cardiovascular system, and our bodies and brains in general. Discover some of the most beneficial ones here.

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Everything you need to enjoy matcha to the fullest

What lies in the boutique?

Matcha for tea lovers

Matcha is not just tea, we call it the queen of teas. With its rich, full-bodied flavour and pleasantly sweet undertones, our signature ceremonial matcha bedazzles any tea lover.

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Matcha Bowl Chawan

Matcha Starter Kit

The full toolkit you need to brew and enjoy your own cup of matcha delight. The perfect gift set for anyone who wants to start with a new healthy routine.

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